• I started my photographic journey sometime around the 6th or 7th grade using my father’s Asahi Pentax (all manual, screw-mount, strap-on light meter) 35mm camera.  By my freshman year of high school, I bought my first camera, a Nikon FE using money from a paper route.

    During high school, I worked in the audio-visual department (yes, an A-V geek), taking photos of sporting events, teams, and other student life.  My high school did not offer any photography classes but the AV Department had a first-rate darkroom, producing images for the newspaper and yearbook as well as for individual students.  It was here that I developed my greater interest in photography.

    In college, I continued my journey by working at the local camera shop and continuing to work with campus yearbook and newpaper operations.  It was my freshman year in college that also started my association with Chappell Studios (now Chappell Graduation Images) and MarathonFoto, an association that has continued for the past 20 plus years and taken me around the world shooting events from commencement ceremonies in New Brunswick, Canada to marathons in Berlin and Honolulu, not to mention thousands of events in the US.

    Vince is joined by his brothers, Sean and Matt who together have been around the world and have over 60 years of photographic experience.

    We can be reached at admin@vpbphoto.com or by phone at 912-441-1805 (Vince’s mobile)

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