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February | 2014 | Becker Brother's Photography
  • 28Feb
    Categories: Sports Team/Individual Comments Off on 2014 Islands YMCA Winter Basketball Leagues


    logoImages are now posted for online ordering.¬† If you have already ordered onsite (during picture days) you do not need to make any additional order.¬† We started passing those pictures out last Thursday and will be at the YMCA on Saturday, March 1 to pass out pictures and answer any questions.¬† After Saturday morning pictures will be available at the YMCA front desk.¬† CLICK HERE or the Y logo to be taken to the photo viewing site. ¬†Ignore the rest of the fields on the page except for “Event Password”. ¬†The password is the league director’s first name – either one…¬† Call or email us at admin@vpbphoto.com ¬†if you need this information.

  • 02Feb
    Categories: Running/Triathlon/Cycling Comments Off on 2014 Critz Tybee Run Fest

    tybee run fest logoAll right – so who’s ready to go after the weatherman?¬† In spite of the lack of promised fair weather we persevered with the rest of the runners to capture a ton of great images.¬† We have loaded over 21,000 images and have all of them ID’d.¬† Click HERE or on the race logo to be taken to the proof viewing site.¬†¬†You can look up your images by bib number or last name.¬†¬† Know that you might have to look in “lost and found” because we had a lot of people with their numbers covered up, on the back, or otherwise not visible to our spotters. ¬†Thanks for looking!
    Also, we captured finish video at all the races.  Contact us at: admin (at) vpbphoto.com for information about purchasing short HD video of you finishing one or all of the events.