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April | 2013 | Becker Brother's Photography
  • 16Apr
    Categories: Running/Triathlon/Cycling Comments Off on 2013 Komen Race for the Cure

    komen-logo1vpbphoto was in and around Telfair Square to capture images at the Survivor Event on Friday night and the race on Saturday morning. ¬†We apologize for the delay in getting images posted from the event. ¬†We left town after the event to go to Boston for the marathon and just got back home on Tuesday.¬†¬†¬†The event is now active and we¬†and¬†all of the images are ID’d. ¬†CLICK HERE or on the race logo to the left to check out your images. ¬†You will need your runner number (BIB) to locate your images or you will have to “browse all”. ¬†There is no specific runner name and number database.

    Thanks for your patience and thanks to all who have ordered so far.

  • 10Apr
    Categories: Dance Studio Comments Off on 2013 GGSOD Annual Recital Pictures

    It is that time of year again and you all know it.¬† We had a full six days in the studio capturing great images of the dancers at GGSOD.¬† Images are posted and¬†are available for viewing¬†by clicking HERE¬†or on the GGSOD logo to the left.¬† You should have received an email with a personal identification number (PIN) so you can view your images.¬† If you haven’t received your PIN it is likely because GGSOD didn’t have a current email for you.¬† You can email us at: admin@vpbphoto.com or check with GGSOD as they have a list of the PIN as well.¬† We are available in our office by appointment as needed.¬†

    The group photos are almost now available, we have selected the best images and are preparing them for optimal printing.  They will be posted to each individual. 

    Thanks for looking.