• 07Feb
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    tybee run fest logoAnother year in the books with a great Run Fest.  The gang was out Friday night and Saturday to get some great images again this year.  We are just about finished loading and ID’ing now and are posting links to the images.  We still have a few images left to get verified and tagged so check back for updates.  We will be sending out an email with direct links to your photos as soon as possible.  Click HERE or on the race logo to go to the photo viewing/ordering site.  Thanks for checking out our photos!

  • 08Dec
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    2015 Bridge Run logoYes, we did photograph and we now have things uploaded and ID’d.  We have just a couple more images to ID and they should all be in by Thursday evening.  All images from the finish line should be posted.  Thanks so much for your patience and Thanks for Looking!

    Click Here or on the race logo to be taken to the proof viewing site.

    Thanks again, Vince and the Bros

  • 15Nov
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    2016-image-captureThe Becker Brothers (and Lori!) were out again last Veteran’s Day Weekend in Columbus to capture some awesome images of the runners.  We have uploaded and ID’d a ton of images and are sending out emails with links to your images. Thanks for coming out to a great race weekend and thanks for your patience!  CLICK HERE or on the logo to go to images.

  • 26May
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    max as minivpbphoto was at the Civic Center to capture those important Graduation Day Photos as you descended from the stage – That’s my nephew, Max just to the left.  We have all of your images posted and hope you enjoy the photos.

    Congratulations and check your email inbox for links to your images.  You can also follow the CLICK HERE link to be taken to the site where you will enter the grad’s last name to be taken to proofs.

    Thanks for looking,


  • 27Apr
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    komen-logo1It took us a little while to get the images posted and we are still working on getting the Name to BIB number data but now all the images are posted and the ID process is almost complete.  Thanks for coming out to support the Komen Race for the Cure this year. Click HERE or on the race logo to be taken to race images.

  • 04Apr
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    PrintThe Becker Bros were at it again last Saturday to capture some great images from a race that seemed likely to be rained out.  The weather was great and so were all of you.  We have images uploaded and posting now.  Please note that we are checking out another lab so you might notice some differences from the previous ordering site and products offered.  If you see a product offered on one site and not on the other and this is something you would like to order, please send us an email (admin@vpbphoto.com) and we will make every effort to get you that product.  Note that not all images are posted yet – we will indicate when all are up and also send out an email to you at that time.  Click HERE or on the race logo to be taken to the Proof Viewing and ordering site.

    Thanks to all who came out for a great event!


  • 09Feb
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    tybee run fest logoYou bet we were out there to capture images at all the races for the Run Fest.  We have everything tagged and have had them done for some time – apparently, though, the site had not updated the information and so you weren’t able to see your images.  This should now be fixed and up and running.  We apologize for the huge delay this has caused.  CLICK HERE or on the race logo to be taken to the photo proofs.

    Thanks to all for a great event.

  • 07Dec
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    2015 Bridge Run logoThe Becker Bros were at it again for the 25th running of the Savannah Bridge Run.  We are working on getting pictures posted and ID’d and will keep you updated regarding our progress here.  Images are now posting and we are now (Thursday night) about 90% done.  Click the race logo or CLICK HERE to be taken to the image viewing site.  Look for a Christmas/Holiday Special to post here (for a limited time) when we announce that we have all images posted.  Thanks for looking!

  • 08Nov
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    2015 Soldier marathon logo for webThe Becker Brothers (and Lori) were in Columbus for a very humid but great race this past Saturday.  We are in the process of loading and identifying all of your images.  The Click Links are now active (either the green text or the race logo to the left) but know that images will continue to add to your gallery for the next day or so.  UPDATE: currently about 85% of images are available.  We will post updates and email when all images are posted!  

    Images from all previous years are still available for view and purchase.  Links for 2013 and 2014 are provided below for your convenience.  Click on links in the archives for November events for other years.

    2014 Soldier Marathon

    2013 Soldier Marathon

  • 05May
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    GGSOD logo-transLinks to the photos taken during dance week have been posted for several weeks now and if you had a current email address registered with GGSOD you should have received links to your images then.  Regardless, HERE is a set of current links to the images.  You will not need a PIN, only a password to access images.  The password is Travis’ sister’s name.  If you don’t know that, send us an email and we’ll get that out to you after we verify your dancer.  Thanks for looking,  V