• 30Jun
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    logoImages from the spring leagues are online and available here.  I apologize for the delay in the public posting of the links but that is now fixed.  Click MICROS to be taken to Micro Soccer and T-Ball or click YOUTH SOCCER to go to U8 and above soccer.  You need to know your league organizer’s first name and use that in the password section (ALL CAPS) to login to the image viewing site.  Please call or email if you have any problems.  Thanks for looking!

  • 22May
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    Images are posted now – they have been for a week or two and I’ve been so swamped and late getting links posted and active.  Click the following link:  CLICKHERE  to be taken to the viewing site.  Images are locked so you need to know the name of your practice field as password.  Enter that in the event password field under “I don’t know my PIN”

    If you have any issues getting online, contact Vince at either vince at vpbphoto.com or by mobile 912.441.1805

  • 15Apr
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    komen-logo1This past Saturday vpbphoto shooters were at it again to capture images from this year’s Komen Run.  Images from the race are now posted and all are ID’d. (It took us a while since the numbers were small and a little hard to see…)  Click the race logo to the left or CLICK HERE to be taken to the photo viewing site.  Thanks for looking – Please order lots of photos!

    - Vince


  • 15Apr
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    GGSOD logo-transImages of individual dancers from this year’s photo week are posted and you should have received an email with link and PIN number for your dancer.  For security reasons we do not make these links public.  Contact us via email at: admin@vpbphoto.com for a return email with links and PINs.  Some folks have been having problems with links so we are resending the email with an alternative link.  This should eliminate any further issues.

    Note that prices will be going up next Wednesday, April 23 so get your orders in quick.  We haven’t had a price increase in the twelve years at GGSOD so this is your incentive to order those photos!

  • 11Mar
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    2014 shamrock run logoWe did shoot the Shamrock Run but just had a packed weekend.  That said, all images are now ID’d by bib number.  We hope you will take a moment from your St. Patrick’s Weekend Celebration and check out our photos..  Click HERE or on the race logo to the left to be taken to the photo viewing site.

    Thanks for looking,  Vince

  • 28Feb
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    logoImages are now posted for online ordering.  If you have already ordered onsite (during picture days) you do not need to make any additional order.  We started passing those pictures out last Thursday and will be at the YMCA on Saturday, March 1 to pass out pictures and answer any questions.  After Saturday morning pictures will be available at the YMCA front desk.  CLICK HERE or the Y logo to be taken to the photo viewing site.  Ignore the rest of the fields on the page except for “Event Password”.  The password is the league director’s first name – either one…  Call or email us at admin@vpbphoto.com  if you need this information.

  • 02Feb
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    tybee run fest logoAll right – so who’s ready to go after the weatherman?  In spite of the lack of promised fair weather we persevered with the rest of the runners to capture a ton of great images.  We have loaded over 21,000 images and have all of them ID’d.  Click HERE or on the race logo to be taken to the proof viewing site.  You can look up your images by bib number or last name.   Know that you might have to look in “lost and found” because we had a lot of people with their numbers covered up, on the back, or otherwise not visible to our spotters.  Thanks for looking!
    Also, we captured finish video at all the races.  Contact us at: admin (at) vpbphoto.com for information about purchasing short HD video of you finishing one or all of the events.

  • 07Jan
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    2014 resolution RaceLogoWe were out there with you last Saturday to capture images in the chilly morning.  All pics are posted and and online..  Click the race logo or CLICK HERE to be taken to the photo viewing site.

  • 07Dec
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    runner_bridge_logo for webYou saw us – we sure saw you!  vpbphoto was in the street today to photograph the huge crowd who took part in the Bridge Run.  We took over 26,000 images and they are now all posted and ID’d.  This is a record for us – we hope you enjoy the images!  Click the race logo or CLICK HERE to be taken to the photo viewing site.

    We will be adding plaque and co-branded products to the offers on Monday or Tuesday.  Thanks for checking out the images!

    Thanks for a great event!

  • 01Dec
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    2013 UW TT-FinalWe were there yet again to capture the adventurous who came out to brave the cold morning and run four miles in preparation for the Thanksgiving Feast later that day.  We now have all the images ID’d.  Thanks for your patience as we spent the last several days with family and friends as we’re sure most of you did.  Click the race logo or CLICK HERE to be taken to the photo viewing site.


    We hope to see a good many of you this coming weekend for the Bridge Run. - (Note that we might have some deals on past races in the next couple of days in honor of this crazy cyber shopping thing going on…)